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Rather have literally anyone at first base, including Cris Carter than Chris Carter at this point

Chris Carter has risen in to my top 5 most hated Yankees of all time. The guy is an absolute joke at the plate. He did hit 41 HR for the Brewers last year, which lead the NL. On the flip side, he lead the NL in strikeouts. A stat he has been known for his entire career. The Yankees saw those 41 HR still on the market in March for what they thought was so cheap that it was impossible to pass up. Clearly overlooked the strikeouts.

Brian Cashman, a man who has made some excellent acquisitions in the last year, may have missed the ball on this one. Carter was only a 3-million-dollar investment which is like finding change on the ground for the Yankees but still, Chris Carter just flat out cannot hit. He can’t even catch the ball lately. Routine ground ball to Sir Didi, perfect throw, and Carter ruins it, like he does every rally. That lead to CC having to continue the inning, an inning he ended up straining his hammy during and is gone for around 6 weeks now. I bet Cris Carter would’ve caught that ball with his bare hands and the Yankees would still have the big fella healthy who was rolling.

Back to just how big of a joke this dude is at the plate. It doesn’t even look like he’s trying when he’s up there. Not even a cool, slick, I’m fucking dirty even when I don’t try like Robby Cano. He’s more like, I know I fucking suck, Yankees fans hate me, I’m gonna stop trying and get out of New York ASAP. He’s batting .209 with 8 HR and 23 RBI. To go along with those hideous numbers, he has also struck out in 41% of his at bats. Just an absurd rate for someone who has been an everyday player for about a month and a half now since Greg Bird went down. He can’t make the excuse he’s overwhelmed with being the everyday guy cause he was exactly that last year for the Brewers, he played 160 games.

Chris Carter

If you’re one of those visual learners, here ya go. This was a legit pitch Carter swung at on a 3-2 count with the bases loaded down a run in the bottom of the 8th inning against the Red Sox…he clearly doesn’t have the clutch gene.

When asked if the Yankees are sick of Chris Carter’s shit and ready to move on from him they keep saying he is still the best option they have at first. A notion I just do not agree with and is super hard to sell to fans. If everything works out with Bird, he should be back in like 2-4 weeks. The Yankees envision him as there every day first baseman. So, they need a stop gap till he gets back. They keep refusing to send up Tyler Austin who is raking down in AAA hitting over .300. Their reason for not calling him up is because they don’t want “two guys on the roster that can only play first base.” BULLSHIT. The Yankees started the season with Greg Bird and Chris Carter on the roster. THEY BOTH PLAY FIRST BASE. Yankees, if you really for some reason do not think Tyler Austin is still not ready to come back after his injury, it’s time to start a rotation at first. Play Austin Romine there a few days a week. He just had an exceptional game Wednesday going 3-4 with 2 RBI being one of the main reasons the Yankees ended their 7-game skid. Rotate the wily vet, Mr. Miyagi, the RISP machine Matty Holliday in there at first a game or two a week. Even think about rotating Headley in at first and Torreyes at third.

Chris Carter cannot be in this starting lineup anymore. The Yankees have lost 8 of their last 9, it is time to make a change. Chris Carter, every single Yankee fan nominates you.








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