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A 2017 Red Sox team that is somehow underperforming and overachieving is the only excuse for John Farrell still having a job. Towards the end of May the Sox were flirting with .500 and with a roster more stocked than the BassPro Shops show-pond, there was nothing else to blame. Rumors had swirled in seasons past and the #FireFarrell train never gained full steam. But the 3-game losing skid in Oakland really preheated the oven on Farrell’s bare cheeks. Once again, the same Red Sox that we’ve always known and loved go on yet another deceiving run with an 8-2 record heading into June. If I was a betting man, which I am, Buck Showalter, Joe Girardi and the Game 4, 2004 savior himself, Dave Roberts, would have this team in first place by 5 games at this point. And if the coaching from Terry Francona in the playoffs last year didn’t prove how vital “in-game” management is then you need to head across the pond and watch Manny Ramirez in the Nippon Professional league because your opinion is irrelevant.

The start of June has been the story of the Red Sox bailing out John longdick Farrell. Let’s start in the bullpen. Astros series. 8th inning. Matt Barnes walks two of the only batters he faced and gets pulled for Kimbrel. Kimbrel couldn’t pitch better if he was in the Little League World Series, the definition of untouchable; the caliber season we’ve all been waiting for. SO WHY WAIT UNTIL THE 9TH. He’s the only wing on the roster besides Chris Yard Sale that I want holding the ball. And sadly Chris Sale’s balls are hanging so low, I don’t know if they have the strength to hold up the bullpen with Cheap Price, Emergency Roomriguez and Porkchello already on board. Kimbrel shouldn’t even be a hesitation in the 8th in a tight game with the AL’s best team. Hell, he shouldn’t be a question with 2 outs in the 7th. Enough declaring Barnes the 8th inning man, at the moment he’s the last resort. Joe Kelly should be A1 in the 8th if Kimbrel is strictly 9th.(The guy throws 103).

Sandoval. Another in game management catastrophe. The only place the panda should be seen with a stick in his hands, is behind bars, in a zoo, munching on a piece of bamboo. Because with a bat, the guy hasn’t had a productive swing since that one game in Detroit where hit it a 3 run ding dong to tie the game in the first week of the season. Pablo is hitting a meager .212 on the season, and it probably would be worse if it wasn’t for the small sample size, because if you do remember the guy spends more time injured than Derrick Rose, (out currently with a heffer of an ear-infection). If Farrell leaves Sandoval in ONE MORE TIME with the game on the line in the bottom of the 9th, then I’m gonna make a personal call to Dave Dombrowski. It’s as if, Farrell calls Dombrowski before his at bat in the 9th and says “You know, this whole Sandoval deal hasnt shaped up the way we’ve hoped, whatdya say we give him a shot to earn that $95 mill so it doesn’t burn too big of a hole in your pocket.” Pop out, game over, series over, Royals win.

And the one that just really grinds my gears the most is his lack of in game managing in 1 run ball games. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sacrifice bunting, sure it ain’t flashy, but you know what’s also not flashy? Losing. Sure it’s the 5th inning, but what more do you want from Deven Marrero with Vasquez on first down by a run? He’s almost a sure out at this point, stroking the ball at a .160 clip. There’s nothing wrong with a sac bunt to move Vasquez to second with Mookie on deck. But no, let’s put on and HIT AND FUCKING RUN with the statistically WORST contact hitter in the lineup. What do ya know… swing and a miss, Vasquez is beamed out before he even thinks about the act of sliding. Two strikes now on Marrero, he get’s back in there– angry that he missed on his last cut, AND swing and a miss. Again. Strike 3.

I’ve about had it with Farrell. Someone in the organization’s gotta have Varitek’s cell. Give him a ring. Or I’ll have my people get in touch with his people.

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