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Tyler Clippard and the Yankees hitting rock bottom at the same time…coincidence? I think not

The Yankees have shit the bed ever since going out West, losing 10 of 12 all to teams under .500. West coast, best coast? Fuck that.

The man who has felt the jet lag the worst is Tyler Clippard. In his last six appearances Clippard’s ERA has risen 1.73 to 4.85. Dude is not fooling anyone right now. He has one loss and three blown saves to his name in that stretch. Joe Girardi has done all he can to try and get goggles out of his slump. Putting him in the game during a blowout, still gets shelled. Puts him in the game when the Yankees are up by a few runs, still gets shelled and turns it in to a game and then Girard is forced to use guys like Betances and Chapman during games he was hoping to rest them. The guy cannot go one inning without giving up moonshots to no names.

Clippard has been hearing the Bronx boo birds a lot as of late, deservingly so, and he even recognized that he deserves it. After Saturdays game against the Rangers where he went in to a 4-1 game and gave up 4 runs to put the game out of hand at 8-1, he stood at his locker and was very humble. Accordingly to the NY Daily News he said, “They have a right to boo me, I’m pitching horrible right now. It is what it is. This is a city that demands excellence. I realize that.” I respect the hell out of this. He’s not one of those athlete robots that says “I have to get through this, day by day” yada yada bullshit. He understands he’s pitching like shit and he completely owned up to it. Gained a lot of respect for the human Tyler Clippard but still absolutely fucking hate the pitcher Tyler Clippard right now.

Tyler Clippard is Girardi’s seventh inning guy. He’s one of the most important pieces out of the pen. The seventh inning is especially important to the Yankees who don’t have a guy who can go out there and eat up innings on a consistent basis. The Yankees thought that guy would be Masahiro¬†Tanaka but we all know he has been a shit show this year, his bullshit is a completely different story.

The Yankees have got to get Clippard right cause his slump has effected the Yankees mightily. Somehow some way the Yankees are still a top the AL East standings. Thank god those fuck faces in bean town aren’t the Golden State Warriors of baseball like Cashman proclaimed they were before the season even started or else the Yankees would be in serious trouble.





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