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The Life of a Buffalo Bills Fan

I’m a Bills fan by birth, not by choice. As much as I hate to say it, had it been my choice I probably would have been a Patriots fan due to all the family that I have in the Boston area. Now don’t get me wrong, I despise the Patriots and I absolutely hate that UGG wearing, ball deflating, pretty boy of a quarterback just as much as any Bills fan out there, but I have to admit the dude dominates life. Five super bowl rings, a smoke show of a wife, and millions of dollars – he’s got it pretty nice. Maybe in another lifetime I’ll be born a fan of a winning football team but thanks to my dad and the buffalo bills football that was put in my crib the day I was born, I am a diehard Buffalo Bills fanatic.

Ralph_Wilson_StadiumThe last time the Bills made the playoffs was in 1999 when I was only 4 years old. Needless to say I don’t remember my favorite football team ever playing in a playoff game. I’m not going to lie, the piss-poor seasons they have strung together for the past 15+ years is kind of impressive. It may actually be harder to be that bad for that long than to simply stumble into the playoffs one of those years. Yet, year after year I tell myself and all of my friends that “This is the year! We have all the pieces to make a run at the playoffs!” and year after year they shit the bed. Now whether I get my expectations too high, the team under performs, or they stumble down the stretch of the season, the Buffalo Bills simply cannot make the playoffs.

Despite so many consecutive seasons of mediocrity, Bills Mafia always shows out. I have to say, tailgates in Buffalo are an absolute sight to behold. Whether it’s jumping off buses to smash beer pong tables, playing dizzy-bat until you fall face first into a grill, or just getting so piss drunk that you puke on the person in front of you at the game, the fans at Bills games never disappoint. I would like to think that all of us Bills fans share a bond with one another. If you see someone wearing Buffalo Bills gear you immediately empathize with them and feel all the struggles and hardships that they have been through watching this team over the years. It’s a grind, but it’s the life of a Bills fan.

LeSean McCoy

As this off-season trudges along, I can’t help myself but become increasingly optimistic about the upcoming season. We have Tyrod, or as I like to call him TyGod, Taylor back under center with dynamic weapons Shady and Sammy to provide some firepower. We finally have a hard-ass coach in Sean McDermott who will whip the boys into shape. And most importantly, we got rid of the walking circus that is the Ryan brothers which will give our defense a chance to return to its dominate form from a couple of years ago. Despite this growing optimism though, I know deep down exactly how this season will play out: we will be in the hunt early on and into the middle of the season, then a playoff opportunity will arise late in the season, but in the end we will go on to lose the last 3 games of the year with a playoff berth on the line and solidify ourselves as a 7-9 squad with a middle of the road draft pick.

Thus life as a Buffalo Bills fan is complicated. It’s predictable yet stressful, exciting yet depressing, and joyful yet embarrassing. We are currently in the midst of the longest playoff drought in all of the four major sports yet Bills Mafia will continue to pack New Era stadium, drink a lot of beer, and cheer for their team like they are Super Bowl champions. This is life as a Bills fan.

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