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If McGregor Even Comes Close to Winning this Fight, Boxing as a Sport is Toast

We all know that the motivation for these fighters behind this match is to pocket what should be a historic payout for these men. Now let’s be clear, nobody expects this fight to be close and if you do then you’re either a UFC fan or just dumb. However if Conor is able to keep this fight remotely close then we may see the entire sport of Boxing just disintegrate. The popularity of Boxing has been on a steady decline since the Golden Age of Muhammad Ali ended many years ago. Currently I would rank the sport somewhere between WNBA Basketball and Cricket and after Mayweather retires it will drop even more. I will be 100% rooting for McGregor not only because I can respect a little scrappy, shit-talking Irishman, but also because I think Boxing is an outdated sport that needs to be finally put into the grave. At least until the next Muhammad Ali comes around. Also after wearing quite possibly the best suit in the history of my lifetime, how can you not like this guy?

mcgregor suit
via Twitter: @bokamotoESPN

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