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A Just a Bit Too Early Preview for College Football

So the championships have been won, the drafts are over and now its July.

“Baseball!” …. Nope, no one really cares until October.

“The Olympics!!” … that’s so 2016.

So we’re at that point where it’s pretty much baseball and barbecues and frankly we are all kind of bored. So here’s a little teaser of five teams to look forward to for the 2017 NCAA Football season.

Predicting the top teams in the country before anyone touches the field is tough. The AP Poll is absolutely brutal at it simply because so much changes on a weekly basis in college football, and one loss can shoot your entire season out the window. But here goes nothing.

5. LouisvilleĀ 

Lamar Jackson will be defending his Heisman trophy. He’s not perfect and can definetly be more accurate with the ball, but he’s scary good. Peter Sirmon is taking over the defense and has just a bit of work to do to get this team ready. They won’t be the offense they were last year (avg. 42.5 points per game) out of the gate. They lost too much to be the same team but if Jackson can help a new bunch develop the Cardinals could improve on that 9-4 record.

4. Michigan

Jim. Harbaugh. He’s the man and he’s a great football coach, even if he’s a little wacky. Harbaugh is settled in at Michigan and has his own recruits and his own system. He was smart enough to get his younger guys experience last year knowing he was losing a lot of guys coming into this season. Being comfy with your quarterback is huge and the Wolverines can do that with Wilton Speight. He threw 18 touchdowns for over 2,500 yards last year. With new receivers and an average line there is work to be done, but ol’ uncle Jimmy is up for the challenge.

3. Oklahoma

Their head coach and a handfull of last season’s stars are gone. But this backfield is something you can not overlook. Baker Mayfield (QB), Rodney Anderson (RB) and Dimitri Flowers (FB) will pass, run and block you until you’re blue in the face. They’ve got a veteran defense and will be all up in your backfield.

2. USC

Last year the Trojans showed the country they are here to play. They took down Washington, Penn State, Colorado. They held on to the best quarterback in the Pac-12 and probably in the country in Sam Darnold. USC has climbed the college football ladder and this is the year they shoot for the top. You can write it down, they win the Pac-12 and will play on New Years Day.

1. Alabama

You just can’t not pick them. Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide have not lost more than two games in a season since 2010 (10-3). That’s six years of dominance or at the worst you could call it effectiveness. They have the best 2017 recruiting class. Sophomore quarterback Jalen Hurts put himself in the heisman conversation last year, and if he can step up his passing game he’ll do it again.

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