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McGregor Claims he’s Well-Endowed

McGregor prods and laughs during a press conference previewing UFC 189

Conor McGregor awaits the August 26th boxing match against Floyd Mayweather with savagery. Two days after McGregor stunted a sharp suit at a #MayMac press conference, he backed up his swagger from below the belt.

The promotion of this fight may outweigh the actual fight entirely. The cockiness clash between McGregor and Mayweather has suped up the entire sports world before arguably the biggest fight in boxing since Tyson-Holyfield. We know McGregor runs his mouth… but I guess we didn’t know the extent. Rumors scurried that McGregor was a racist after making the remark to Mayweather, “Dance for me boy.” In response, McGregor insisted he was rather gifted like an African American and that he’s actually 50% black… because of his penis size.

I love this. As if referring to dancing monkeys didn’t fire Mayweather up, running his mouth, the flashy attire and his boldnesst to leave UFC to pursue the untouchable man of boxing must be the ticket. McGregor’s balls are the weight of chain shackles and he’s actually dragging them everywhere along the #MayMac tour. The claim of having a third leg, about a month out from fighting a black unbeaten boxer is just gold. After losing to Nate Diaz, apparently his junk hasn’t shriveled up.




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