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Sammy Sosa, You Look Straight Up Awful.

I rolled out of bed this morning to find at the top of every newsfeed a picture of what looked like a dead and bleached Sammy Sosa. Personally I am not a big baseball guy so my only knowledge of this dude is that him and some guy named Mark were big steroid guys back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Personally, I’m a big advocate for steroids if it means that the ball goes farther because it makes baseball a little bit easier to endure. Just look at Aaron Judge, guy looks like he’s been taking HGH supplements since the Bush Administration but hey if he hits the ball far and gets his team wins then who cares? Having said all that, I know a lot of people weren’t too fond of Mr. Sosa and you would think he would maybe want to lay low for a bit. Well I guess that stint is over and good ole’ Sammy Steroids decided to go all Michael Jackson on everyone in an effort to make it back into national headlines. Congrats man, I hope looking like an uncooked chicken cutlet was worth it. Joke.




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