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THE JUICE IS LOOSE, And All Over the Cell Walls!

OJ Simpson is set to have his parole hearing tomorrow morning and seems to be pretty excited about it. Murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman to then going on a city-wide police chase was definitely a bold move but I think busting a nut in front of a female cell guard may take the cake on this one. Now there is talk about whether or not he will be even eligible for parole after this “ballsy” act. I for one have to applaud the guy as it seems he has just fully went off the deep and and is kind of just OK with it now. What is also overlooked here by the mainstream media is the fact that this man is 70 years old and still has the youthfulness of a middle school pre-pubescent which is something that every AARP qualifier wishes that they still have. From topping the 2000 yard rushing mark to rubbing one out in lockup, this man has had one roller coaster of a life and I think that we can all learn a thing or two from OJ and that’s don’t take life too seriously. God bless you Juice, see ya on the outside.

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