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Who Will Win the Kyrie Irving Sweepstakes?

With Kyrie Irving basically breaking the internet this past couple days, there has been a roller coaster of possible scenarios of where he will end up. He has listed the Spurs, Knicks, Heat, and Timberwolves as his preferred destination. This is my breakdown of how he could fit with each team and how it can impact each organization.

San Antonio Spurs

Kyrie going to the Spurs not only will give them a significant boost at point guard but it will give them a chance to give the Warriors a run during the playoffs. This past year has proven that LaMarcus Aldridge isn’t capable of being a consistent #2 option behind Kawhi Leonard. That being said, Kyrie has the offensive talent to even surpass Kawhi and take over as the leading scorer on the team. His defense will still be piss poor which is why him and Danny Green will make a great fit as their skills perfectly compliment each other. The one problem I have with Irving is why he would want to join the Spurs when Kawhi is already the face of that team. It seems a little contradicting to me but maybe he’s just sick of LeBron’s shit. Kawhi is a great teammate and I’m sure they’d play off each other very well so I don’t think we would ever see a situation like the one that has developed in Cleveland. Kyrie has already listed the Spurs as his number one destination right now so don’t be surprised if a deal gets done here.

New York Knicks

Believe it or not, Kyrie leaving Cleveland for the shit canyon that is the New York Knicks may be the best move for both Kyrie and the Knicks. From Kyrie’s side, he can be the face of what is left of that franchise pending Melo’s imminent departure. This is something he’s wanted for probably a while now and this need to be the top dog is exactly why he requested a trade from Cleveland in the first place. On the other side, being the world’s basketball headquarters, the Knicks need a superstar to maintain their status as a blue chip organization. Kyrie is a superstar point guard with an attractive personality in the prime of his career, there are not many better players to have headlining your team than Uncle Drew. If New York can somehow bring Kyrie in to team up with budding star Kristaps Porzingis, they will place themselves back into relevancy while also being an attractive destination for free agents.

Minnesota Timberwolves

This would be a very interesting situation if Kyrie Irving were to join the T-Wolves. I personally think this is the least likely of the group due to the fact that former All-Star guard Jeff Teague literally just signed a 3-year, $57 million deal with the team. Because of this I don’t think the Wolves necessarily need Irving as they play the same positionas and will have enough mouths to feed already with KAT, Wiggins and the newly acquired Jimmy Butler. Irving is also a pure iso player who likes to have the ball in his hands and this team already has enough talent on offense that Kyrie’s scoring ability may have an inverse affect on the team. However, if Minnesota were able to acquire Irving this would be an incredible team to watch and they would likely see a very significant increase in ratings and attendance. Unfortunately, I just don’t see this as a likely outcome and Kyrie may want to rethink this Minnesota.

Miami Heat

Kyrie leaving LeBron and the city of Cleveland for South Beach would be an absolute dagger. Pulling a LeBron on LeBron would make for an unbelievable story line and could potentially lead to another Westbrook-Durant type of situation. What I would be excited for the most is the reunion of Kyrie and the fourth best shooting guard in the league, Dion Waiters. This would be an electrifying duo and although they probably will get bounced in the first round of the playoffs, the Heat bandwagon will be larger than ever. With Whiteside, Waiters and Kyrie all teaming up, this would make for an exciting team to watch on the court but what nobody is talking about is the great content they would provide for us via Snapchat and Instagram. If Irving goes to Miami, look for Vegas to set the over/under on team arrests at 3.5, you think I’m kidding.



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