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Steve Bartman’s New Bling



You poor, ridiculed, scapegoat of a man, I wish I could say I feel for you, but I don’t. Since that dreadful night in 2003, I’m not sure anyone’s been further from the Chicago Cubs organization than you over the past 14 years… so why the hell are you receiving a 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Ring? I played just as much of a role in their curse-breaking effort as you Mr. Bartman. I’m over the whole “make amends” thing, you screwed up, live with it. This is the same example as the participation trophy in youth sports, America has gone soft and even more so, the Chicago Cubs have gone soft. I think exile is a simple punishment for wearing headphones in a baseball stadium, what were you thinking when you walked out of the door? “I look good”…? Maybe if you took of those 2003 JVC BEATS off then you woulda heard Moises Alou leaping into the stands to make the 22nd out of the game. I appreciate that you realize you don’t deserve this ring, after all, you didn’t even make the catch. Now go sell your new rock on Ebay.



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