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Is Bryce Harper the Next Michael Jackson?

Being a millennial, I wasn’t able to witness the glory of The King of Pop in his prime. The only headlines he made when I growing up was the whole (alleged) touching little kids thing that he was involved in. That being said, I’ve seen plenty of shows and videos of him performing and I must say that he is one of the best dancers I have ever seen. From the trademarked moonwalk, to those sinister hip jerks that could make any straight guy change sides, this man could do it all. Now we have the Beard of the MLB, Bryce Harper joining in on the mix trying to steal Michael’s thunder and quite frankly I can’t say that he didn’t deserve what happened. Just look at this poor attempt to copy Michael.

via Federal Baseball

With reports coming out now that Harper’s injury last night was just a bone bruise, there is optimism that he can come back before the end of the year. What does this mean? After the 2018 season is over the Yankees will now be able to acquire him without having to forfeit their entire payroll. This is huge news for a team that barely makes ends meet every year so even with the team’s blowout loss to the Sox yesterday, I’m sure Cashman and the bombers were celebrating. Nonetheless, I hope to see Harper back on his feet as soon as possible because with Aaron Judge sucking and the Dodgers basically running train on the entire MLB, there really isn’t another reason to watch baseball until late October anyway. Just know when you come back Bryce, how about you stick to HGH and homers, leave the dancing for the big boys.

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